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Ushering & Volunteer Opportunities
Ushers are the first theatre representatives that our patrons see and, therefore, provide an important service. We appreciate you taking your ushering responsibilities seriously. The following information provides guidelines for ushering with The UVM Theatre; if anything is unclear, please contact us. <--Thanks again for all your help!-->

As the first impression for many of our patrons, it is important that our ushers are dressed appropriately. The following is the ushering dress code:
  • Please arrive for the performance ready in dark slacks or skirts.
  • Please no mini skirts or shorts. Clean, dark, unripped jeans are ok.
  • White shirts, preferably button-up, polo, or sweaters. Please, no t-shirts, sleeveless or halters.
  • Dress or casual shoes are preferred, not required. Please no loud heels or flipflops.
If you sign up to usher and later discover you will be unable to attend, please call the box office at 656-2094 no later than 24 hours in advance to reschedule, or contact us. If you encounter an emergency the day or evening of the performance, please call the box office at 656-2094 to explain the situation. You must contact the theatre if, for any reason, you will not be ushering for a time you are scheduled. If you choose not to usher at a performance for which you have committed and do not call in advance, you will not be permitted to usher again during the season.

Your presence will be required during the entire performance, whatever the length may be. You may not leave the theatre without the permission of the house manager. Duties may be assigned at the discretion of the house manager to each usher for preshow, intermission, postshow, and during the performance. All ushers will be able to view the performance.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact us.

There are many volunteer opportunities available for those who wish to become involved with The UVM Theatre. Some of these may include assisting in our scene or costume shops, providing help with marketing, administrative, alumni needs, or planning special events.

If you would like to volunteer, please send us your information and include in the comments section "I'd love to volunteer!" We'll let you know about opportunities as they arise.

Thanks for your interest in becoming more involved with The UVM Theatre.

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