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Awards and Scholarship for the Department of Theatre
The UVM Department of Theatre annual awards and scholarship are funded through either specific contributions to a set award or monies donated to the Royall Tyler Fund, a discretionary fund used for production costs, scholarship and awards.

The easiest way to Contribute to the UVM Department of Theatre is through the Royall Tyler Fund but if you are interested in a specific area of theatre below is a list of our awards, funds and scholarship. When contributing on line you can put the specific fund you would like your contribution to go towards in the Special Instruction Box. Otherwise your contribution will go into the Royall Tyler Fund. No matter where your contribution finds a home it will be utilized to enhance the students' experience with the department either through production, Special Guest Artists or awards.

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Royall Tyler Fund
Our general fund that is primarily used as a discretionary fund for anything from production costs to student awards. The fund that keeps on giving covering a multitude of areas.

William M. Schenk Endowed Award for Technical Excellence Endowed Fund
Award is given to a student who demonstrates excellence or the potential of excellence in one or more of the following areas of production (in this order of priority)

1) Lighting Design; 2) Scenery Design; 3) Technical Production

Awarded annually to a Junior Theatre Major, who, in addition to the above criteria has at least a 3.0 accumulative overall GPA and who has demonstrated a sincere interest in ALL areas of theatre production and education. In addition, it is understood that this award will be given only when there is a student with the above qualification, only when there is a student of existing merit.
* Please note that Bill Schenk passed away on January 21st, 2008

Edward J. Feidner Award
Presented to that deserving undergraduate theatre major to help defray his/her educational expenses. The recipient , who shall be in his or her junior year, should be selected on the basis of academic merit having no less than a 3.0 overall GPA, and significant involvement in more than one area of the Department of Theatre productions gained through involvement outside of course requirements. Special considerations will be given to those students who have demonstrated an affinity for the works of William Shakespeare. Where appropriate, financial need may also be considered.
* Please note that Edward Feidner passed away on April 24th, 2008

George B. Bryan Award for Scholarship
A monetary scholarship that recognizes a Theatre major or minor whose scholarly work reflects high achievement through effective research techniques, exemplary writing skills, and keen analytical insight.

Ossie Davis/Ruby Dee Award
Professor Jennifer Cover, the first African-American woman hired and tenured by the UVM Department of Theatre created this award in 1981 to be presented to that student who has made outstanding contribution in enriching multiculturalism in Theatre at the University of Vermont. In reference to its namesake, this award is given to that individual who embodies the respect of heritage, the respect of community, and the respect of education in the arts. Sophomore status or above.

Miriam Zadek Award for Excellence in Costume Design and Construction
Created to honor both the senior student who has demonstrated excellence in in the areas of costume research, design and construction and the woman for whom the award is named. Born the only hearing child in a family of three sisters and familiar with overcoming obstacles to positive communication, Miriam Zadek defied the limitations of the social roles of the times and went on to receive her Master of Arts in Social Work in 1952. In 1986 while working for the Hearing and Speech Agency of Baltimore, MD she founded the Centralized Interpreter Referral Service which continues to serve the needs of thousands of people annually. With her ever-present passion for learning, she remains a shining example of what students can achieve when they set extraordinary goals for themselves and work tirelessly to attain them. She continues to be an inspiration to generations of young people who are faced with physical, emotional, and academic challenges that test and strengthen them.

** The Miriam Zadek Award is a privately funded award**

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